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Therapy with Us

It is our goal to make you feel comfortable in your sessions with us.  We will definitely talk about serious things, but it doesn't have to be all business all the time if that isn't your style.  One thing we can assure you we will always do is focus and talk about what is important to you.  Since everyone is unique, therapy looks different for each person and is based on needs, wants and personality.  Our goal is to make sure you feel heard and like we are heading in the right direction.  

During session we will first explore things that can be changed in your life so you can have some more immediate relief.  For example, you will learn coping and calming strategies, communication skills and how your thoughts influence your feelings and behaviors.  While the psycho-educational and skill based approaches are an important foundation in therapy, exploring where problems started (root causes) helps create the most sustainable change.  Sometimes these root causes aren't so obvious.  Accordingly, the second phase of therapy will involve digging into what's underlying your issues and sorting through those things to deepen self awareness and develop insight.


It is important to remember that sometimes simply "getting things out" is necessary so we will always create space for this and is often where sessions will start.  This includes talking about your feelings, processing tough experiences and more. There is no judgement here, so you can be 100% yourself and get out whatever you need or want to anytime.

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